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Message par Stefan » 02 septembre 2006, 23:56

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Ok, let’s get it other now. Those who know Marillion might recall them as this overly cheesy 80's progressive rock band that had like one hit in 1985 (Kayleigh), sounded like a MTV version of the 70's Genesis with a singer using all resources of the Peter Gabriel catalogue... That's true and part of these (plus good songs) are the reasons why I used to love the band and still am nostalgic whenever its music comes to my ears.
But Radiation is a whole other story! First, it's not progressive rock (losing their original singer in 1988, including a new one with a more new-wavy/pop background, Steve Hogarth, certainly changed the band). What we have here would be best described as a mix of (Bends/OK Computer) Radiohead, (Rising Tide) Sunny Day Real Estate, Crowded House & Pink Floyd. All the musicians are in top form and so are the songs ranging from the pop wannabee-single (The Answering Machine) to perfect ethereal climax songs (Three Minute Boy and its killer chorus, the 9+ minute A Few Words For The Dead), more rocky moments (Under the Sun) the whole spectrum of their abilities is here covered with great talent and uncompromised will to do what they really like.
The only weak point of this album is the "slightly garage" production.
Do not judge this album using the band's reputation, listen to it with an open-mind and I’m sure many among you will find that they can love Marillion and that their 80's has-been status is nothing but injustice.

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Message par abacab » 15 septembre 2006, 11:06

Sympa, cela dit la prochaine essaie de faire aussi une version française car tout le monde n'est pas forcément "fluent" en angliche. :-)
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