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Re: Tournée 2018

Posté : 12 janvier 2018, 08:33
par gato13
elihah a écrit :
12 janvier 2018, 03:12
Putting this post up as a pinned post so I don't have to answer these questions every week:
Brave Remaster/5.1 will go up for pre-order on January 18th with release in March.
RAH Concert will go up for pre-order in February for release on March 26th - we hope to have some cinema screenings the week before that.
The Chile Marillion Weekend set will be available to buy in the Summer.
The Marillion Weekend dates and cities will be announced in April and the full details of the Holland weekend will be announced in May. Tickets for all Weekends will go on sale in June (for Holland) and June/July for the others.
Hope that helps.
La presque routine habituelle....

Merci pour le partage ;)