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Marillion Weekend 2011

du 25 au 28 mars 2011, Port Zélande, Pays-Bas
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Yves Stella201215185162223
*** Vendredi Soir : Holidays in Eden ***
Splintering Heart
Cover My Eyes
The Party
No One Can
Waiting to Happen
Holidays in Eden
Dry Land
This Town
The Rakes Progress
100 Nights
How Can it Hurt
A Collection
Man of a 1000 Faces
The Invisible Man

*** Samedi Soir : Marillion de A ŕ Z ***
Asylum Satellite #1
Born to Run
Cannibal Surf babe
Especially True
Fantastic Place
Half the World
The Last Century For Man
Marbles III
No Such Thing
The Only Unforgivable Thing
Pseudo Silk Kimono
The Release
Sugar Mice
Three Minute Boy
Under the Sun
A Voice from the Past
The Wound
Senses Working Overtime (XTC cover) (with Dave Gregory)
You're Gone
Zeparated Out (Separated Out with Led … more Zeppelin in and outro)

*** Dimanche : Swap the Band ***
The Party (bass & keyboard)
Quartz (voice)
Kayleigh (bass)
Deserve (saxophone & drums)
Cannibal Surf Babe (phone video clip performance)

*** Dimanche Soir : The Glow Must Go On ***
Afraid of Sunlight
The Other Half
One Fine Day
Beyond You
Goodbye to All That
Hard as Love (acoustic)
The Great Escape
Out of this World
Between You and Me
Memory of Water (Big Beat Mix)
This Strange Engine
Happiness Is the Road