Liste des Événements

Marillion Weekend 2013

du 8 au 11 mars 2013, Port Zélande, Pays-Bas
Photos par auteur et par sujet :

Vendredi : DeeExpusVendredi : ConcertVendredi : CottageSamedi : Web MeetingSamedi : Marillion MuseumSamedi : PeteSamedi : ConcertSamedi : CottageDimanche : Fun RunDimanche : Quizz, Q&A, Swap the BandDimanche : HarvestDimanche : ConcertDimanche : Cottage
*** Vendredi Soir : Radiation ***
Costa Del Slough
Under the Sun
The Answering Machine
Three Minute Boy
Now She'll Never Know
These Chains
Born to Run
Cathedral Wall
A Few Words for the Dead

80 Days
Somewhere Else
Hooks in You
Cover My Eyes
Slainte Mhath
Heart of Lothian
King Script for a Jester's Tear
Happiness Is the Road

*** Samedi : Brave ***
Living With the Big Lie
Goodbye to All That
Hard as Love
The Hollow Man
The Lap of Luxury
Paper Lies
The Great Escape
Made Again

The Damage
Trap the Spark
Warm Wet Circles
That Time of the Night
Drilling Holes
Out of This World

Seasons End
The Space

*** Dimanche : Swap the Band ***
Splintering Heart (Daniel vd Weijde NLD on Guitar)
Beautiful (Egbert Derix NLD on Keys)
The Party (Michelle Aragon Vox and XX on piano)
You're Gone (Marco Carcelen on Electric Violin)
Map of the World (Robert Schubert on Drums)
The Other Half (Rik van Domolan NLD on Bass)

*** Dimanche : Sounds That Can't Be Made ***
Waiting to Happen
Lucky Man
This Strange Engine
Pour My Love
Invisible Ink
Sounds That Can't Be Made

The King of Sunset Town
The Sky Above The Rain

Garden Party